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Historic Wallpaper

Designed to assist private residences and the house museum with the installation of reproduction patterns and also the installation of new Zuber Scenic's.  

Masterpaperhanger Jim Yates, a student of historic wallpaper, offers archival conservation and installation services of historic wallpapers for historic house museums and private restorations.  Conservation and installation services also include French scenic's and Chinese murals.    

Having studied period paperhanging techniques and adopting conservation technology into the craft of paperhanging, Jim strongly believes that historic work is a craftsmen's greatest challenge.  And that once the wallpapers are in hand, it's the paperhanger's task to animate paper and ink so that a replication of the past can be brought to life.  

Jim's specialization in the historic house is founded on the realization that having an original document reproduced is a very serious and expensive venture. And that, once installed, period rooms are intended to last indefinitely . With that in mind, these projects are approached with two goals in mind.

First, if period  rooms are intended to be handed on to future generations, longevity is the bottom line. And to guarantee that longevity, Jim uses only conservation quality adhesives and acid free liners.   

Secondly, to compliment the reproduction of an original wallpaper with the reproduction of the original paperhanging techniques, regardless of how crude when compared to contemporary techniques.  Jim feels historically accurate paperhanging methods not only renders an original looking room but confronts and educates the public with just how "they hung it back then".

So, whether hanging wallpaper on stretched muslin over planks in a rugged Colorado miner's cabin or on plaster walls during the restoration of a Presidential Home, his craftsmanship is the finest.

Most recent projects

1. Spiegel Grove, Home of President Rutherford B. Hayes

Phase 2 and 3 completes project May 2012

1. Montpelier: Home of James Madison

November 2010

2. Mount Pleasant: Located across the James River from Jamestown & Colonial Williamsburg

As a service for those in quest of reproduction wallpaper our Historic Wallpaper links not only offers an extensive list  of suppliers but also provides links to professionals associated with the historic wallpaper industry.

Jim welcomes questions pertaining to reproduction wallpapers or installation techniques..

                                                         Email Jim at:  Hiswallpaperspec@aol.com