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Historic Wallpaper Specialties


Offering the restoration of Zuber scenic wallpaper for private residences and house museums

Our team is ready to travel; from initial contact to assessment we can usually be on site within thirty to sixty days  

Most Recent Projects 

Zuber after Restoration

Cameron Mansion

Zuber before Restoration

Cameron Mansion

Zuber scenic "Versailles" restored

Clara Barton Office

Newly discovered offices in Washington D.C.

Zuber Scenic Restoration

Boxwood Hall

Pivotal during the revolutionary war



Located across the Hudson River from


Jim began his career after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from East Tennessee State University.  Realizing that  his life's work should be done in and through a hands on craft, fittingly, he discovered paperhanging to be a wonderful channel for his creativity.  Late in his career he delved into the history of wallpaper and began to specialize in historic paperhanging techniques. Since that time he has been fortunate to have worked in some of the most important historic homes in America including eight Presidential homes and the White House.

Frank had been with Historic Wallpaper Specialties for twelve years. He is not only a masterpaperhanger but is a master at matching and restoring the 1500 plus colors for Zuber scenic's.

Jeff has been an associate for more than a year.  He is an extraordinary problem solver and exceeds at installing delicate Zuber & Chinese scenics and historic papers

As a service for those in quest of reproduction wallpaper our Historic Wallpaper Resources 

not only offers an extensive list  of suppliers but also provides links to professionals associated with the historic wallpaper industry.

Jim welcomes questions pertaining to the installation of historic wallpapers and restoration of Zuber and Chinese scenic's

Circa 1890's Paper Hanger

Sometimes there is a good reason to save an old historic wallpaper. It may be a rare pattern or a Zuber Scenic; it may exist in a private residence or a house museum; it may be the work of a renowned designer or artist or printer; or, the owners may simply like it a lot and do not want to lose it. Even though old wallpapers often look beyond saving, there is really much that can be done to improve appearance and to secure it to the wall again. The surface can be lightly cleaned of surface dirt, and flaking paint can be relaxed and consolidated back down to the paper. Where cracks in the wall have made cracks in the paper, the crack must be filled and a patch of Japanese paper laid down to carry the wallpaper. Due to settling of the building, draws in corners and cracks in walls, especially on chimneys, are very common. Where paper is loose on the wall, it can be adhered with new paste. Missing paper can be replaced and then these repairs can be toned and painted to continue the design. Where paint has flaked off the wallpaper itself, the design can be in painted using watercolors. The most difficult and disfiguring damage is usually water stains. Often they can be reduced using blotting techniques, and if this fails, they can be disguised using pastels. These techniques gives the wallpaper a new lease on life. In wallpaper conservation, as in other paper conservation, preservation of the original and reversibility of the treatment are the foremost concerns. But from a practical standpoint, it is  very satisfying to improve the appearance of the paper so much that the wallpaper once again becomes a pleasure to live with.

Meet Jim Yates

Meet Associate Frank Yates

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