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Boscobel Mansion

Boscobel is an estate overlooking the Hudson River built in the early 19th century by States Dyckman. It is considered an outstanding example of the Federal style of American architecture, augmented by Dyckman's extensive collection of period decorations and furniture. Today it is a historic house museum and popular tourist attraction.

It was originally located in the Westchester County village of Montrose. Restoration efforts in the mid-20th century moved it 15 miles  upriver to where it currently stands nine miles south of the village of Cold Spring in Putnam Cou​nty.

Boscobel's distinguishing feature is the unusual delicacy conveyed by the front facade and its ornamentation. Unique among Federal style buildings, carved wooden swags in the shape of drapery, complete with tassels and bow knots, grace the top of the second-story balcony. One-third of the face is glass, with thinner and larger contemporary panels used in the restoration to enhance the existing lightness. The windows are slightly recessed, and the front clapboards are closely fitted and matched in an apparent effort to suggest masonry.

There have been a few minor alterations since the original construction. A rear entrance and stairway, required by contemporary fire codes, were added in 1958 during reconstruction, and a dirt-floored room in the basement became a visitors' bathroom.  Visit Boscobel's Website for more information.

During the summer of 2015, Historic Wallpaper Specialties installed block printed reproduction wallpaper in the formal hall. 

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 Historic Wallpaper Specialties

Central Stairs/Hall Wallpaper Installed

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