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Mount Pleasant

Spring Groove, Virginia                                                                    

This beautiful Georgian-Federal home, built in 1790,  is located at Swann's Point on 350 acres. Here we find Mount Pleasant which is on the James River directly across from the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, VA which was founded on May 13, 1607.  The historic importance of Swann's Point is shortly after Jamestown was founded there was an Indian uprising in 1622 due to there revenge for the mistreatment by the English.  Chanco, a Native American convert to Christianity who was living on this property reported of the impending attack to his master, and authorities in Jamestown were quickly alerted. Nonetheless, many died in the assault, but the colony was saved.   


Mount Pleasant is currently being restored historically correct.  When completed it will be a house museum to be enjoyed by all.  The property will be a living farm and home to many rescued and abused animals.  


 In the summer of 2008, Historic Wallpaper Specialties installed wallpapers in three formal rooms and the central stairs. Period wallpapers and borders, which were hand joined and block-printed, came from Adelpi Paperhangings. To learn more about the restoration go to Mount Pleasant Restoration.


Cameron Mansion


Home of President James Madison


Spiegel Groove

Home of President Rutherford B.Hayes

Boxwood Hall


Clara Barton Office

Chickasaw White House

Lyman Museum

Zuber Scenic Restoration

Mount Pleasant's history intregal  part of Jamestown's history     


 Historic Wallpaper Specialties

Historic Block Printed Wallpapers Installed

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