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Scenic America by Zuber


As a public service, this resource page lists contact information to most businesses and people associated with historic wallpaper. However, we neither manufacture nor sell reproduction wallpapers.

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 Resource Page

 Historic Wallpaper Specialties

Companies offering wallpapers generated from original documents

Companies who will reproduce wallpapers  

Historic Wallpaper Consultants

Wallpaper Conservation and Restoration    

 Historic Interiors Consultants

 Historic Paint & Wallpaper Analysts

 Historic Interiors Decorative Paint & Plaster Specialists

 Historic Wallpaper Collections on the Web

 Wallpaper Conservation Articles on the Web

Printing and installation articles

 Purchasing Historic Wallpaper Books Online

 Wallpaper History in Print

Adelphi Paper Hangings   1770 to 1850 documented patterns; block printed using traditional methods and materials.


Aesthetic Interiors   -    Wallpapers from the Aesthetic movement, late Victorian & early arts and crafts.


A.L. Diament & Co.   -    19th and 20th century, rare and antique French Scenic Wallpapers


Bradbury & Bradbury   -  Victorian, Neo Classical and Arts and Crafts wallpapers     


Bruce Fine Blockprints    -  Specializes in reproductions from original fragments. Also has documented collections of block prints


Brunschwig & Fils       -  Early 19th Century to early 20th century screen printed reproduction borders and sidewalls     

Anaglypta and Lincrusta   - Offering dado's, frieze's, and sidewall panels for late nineteenth century restorations


de Gournay        -  Chinese hand-painted murals as well as renditions of French Scenic's


Carol Mead Designs   -    Offering Arts and Crafts borders and wallpapers


Charles Rupert Designs     -  Manufacturer and Distributor of William Morris, Victorian and Arts & Crafts wallpapers


Clarence House   -   212-752-2890


Belfry Historic Wallpapers    -    Distributors for screen and block printed wallpaper from Europe            


Cole & Son   -    England's finest block printers, one of the few in the world who can still flock


E W Moore    -   Vintage wallpapers from the UK


Gracie's Oriental Wallpapers  -   Chinese hand-painted panels and murals


Griffen Mill handmade papers  -  English company who makes hand made paper suitable for reproductions


Hamilton Weston      -   Offering English patterns from 1690 to 1901    -    William Morris, Victorian, Arts & Crafts & early 20th c. wallpapers.


Hannah's Treasures   -   Antiques & Vintage wallpapers dating from 1900 to 1970, including a vintage collection of Nancy McClellan wallpapers


Interior 1900  -   Vintage wallpapers from the 20th century


Paul Montgomery Studios  -   Chinese hand-painted panels and murals

James Randolph Rogers & Co.  Based in New York and the UK offering documented block printed wallpapers 


J.R. Burrows & Co     -    Screen printed Victorian documented patterns

Laura McCoy Designs   -  Specializing in reproducing historic document wallpapers from fragmentary and photographic evidence.     


Lutson Goundleder    -  Offering hand crafted leather patterns dating from the 17th century


Mason & Wolf   -  Reproduction and Victorian Revival patterns in period colors for walls and ceilings.


Sanderson & Sons   -   William Morris Wallpapers


Scalamandre  -   Screen printed reproductions spanning the 19th century to the early 20th century


Second Hand Rose   -  Buys and sells antique wallpaper


Stark Wallcovering    -   Variety of historic collections including Chinese murals and 18th century block-prints


Trustworth Studios    -   Offering wallpapers from the English Arts & Crafts era especially CFA Voysey


Twigs  -   1 800  824  4204     Screen-printed reproductions:early 19th to early 20th century                


Victorian Collectibles  -  Borders, sidewalls and room sets from for the Victorian


Watts & Co.    -  English screen and block printed wallpapers from mid to late 19th century


Wolffhousewallpapers  -  Offering 1870 to 1920 hand screen-printed reproduction wallpapers


Zina Studios    -    914-667-6004


Zoffany    -     English wallpapers


Zuber et Cie  -    Scenics, borders and sidewalls printed from original early 19th century woodblocks       

By  Blockprinting



Adelphi Paper Hangings   - America: Adelphi Paper Hangings offers block printed wallpapers  circa 1720-1860,

James Randolph Rogers & Co.  Based in New York and the UK offering documented block printed wallpapers 


Cole & Son -  London. In business since 1875


Laura McCoy Designs   -  Specializing in reproducing historic document wallpapers from fragmentary and photographic evidence.




By   Screenprinting



Alexander Beauchamp




Hamilton Weston Wallpapers  


Laura McCoy Designs




Twigs  -    1 800 824 4204




 Zina Studios  -   914-667-6004

Christopher Ohrstrom   -   Wallpaper historian specializing in late 18th and early 19th century wallpaper


Robert M. Kelly   -  Specializes in the research, analysis and consultation of early wallpapers


Laura McCoy Designs  -   Specializes in researching & reproducing original wallpaper patterns      


Gail Winkler   -  Offering consultation for historic wallpapers from the late eingteenth through the early twentieth century

American Institute of conservation  -  Washington, D.C 202 452 9545 

Debrora D Mayer  -   Portsmouth, NH 603433 7020 

Elizabeth K.  Schulte  -  414-350-8346


Historic Wallpaper Specialties: Specializes in the installation and restoration of Zuber Scenic's.


T.K. McClintock Studio TKM Ltd.  Tel. 617 666 9010  Mr. McClintock is the author of numerous articles on the conservation of historic wallpapers, including a chapter on the subject in the National Park Service publication, Caring for Your Historic House. Specialties include conservation treatment of fine art and historic works on paper including wallpapers and murals.


Allyson McDermott - The Web site of an English conservator specializing in wallpaper. The site includes descriptions of wallpaper conservation treatments at country houses such as Uppark (after its devastating fire in 1989), Temple Newsam, and Woodall Park. Some of her conservation and restoration projects have included block-printing wallpaper to match lost sections of original wallpaper


Northeast Document Conservation Center - This conservation center in North Andover, Massachusetts, is one of the largest conservation centers in the country devoted to paper-based collections, including wallpaper. The Web site offers many resources relating to paper conservation in genera

Preservation Directory     -   Resources and research tools for historic preservation and building restoration  -   Links for Victorian materials and craftsmen


National Trust for Historic Preservation


Victorian Resources  -  Links to everything Victorian


Jean Dunbar  -   540-4633291 

Page Talbott  -  610-667 7496


 LCA Associates    -   Specializing in public buildings, museum houses, and commercial properties dating from the late eingteenth through the early twentieth centuries.      Thier particular expertise is the recreation of authentic interiors––including window drapery and curtaining, wallpapers, floor coverings, lighting––and historic interior and exterior painted finishes.  They can also provide historic structure reports, historic furnishing plans and implementation for the recreation of historic interiors.

Historic Restoration Resources

(stereomicroscope and the polarized light microscope (PLM) are the principal tools for dating wallpaper)



Matt Mosca  -  410-466-5325          


Frank Welsh   -   The Investigation, Analysis and Authentication of Historic Wallpaper


Sara Chase  -  781-861-6646

Chris Mills Conservation   Specializes in the conservation and restoration of 18th and 19th house museum interior finishes

Compton Studios LLC    Specializes in the conservation & restoration of house museum interior and exterior decorations.

John Leeke's Historic Homeworks  -   Consulting services for the restoration of historic building

Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.   -    Restoration & conservation of opera houses, state capitals, and cathedrals. 

Evergreene Painting Studios.Inc.  Restoration and conservation  of opera houses, state capitals, and cathedrals.

Wallpaper in New England - A brand new resource, this Web site is devoted to the recently digitized images of the important historic wallpaper collection at the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA). The collection is one of the largest in the U.S., comprising over 5000 samples of wallpaper ranging from the 1737 (the earliest documented sample from an American house) to the Art Deco era. The site also include other resources for the study of historic wallpaper as well as brief wallpaper history overview. 

The Williams Morris Gallery - The Web site for the only public museum devoted to England's best known and most versatile designer. The Gallery is located in Morris's family home from 1848 to 1856 at Walthamstow. The site includes information on Morris and his designs. There are free wallpaper downloads for your computer.


Victoria and Albert Museum  Located in London. Their website offer 196 patterns with ample information about manufacturer, method and history.


Whitworth Art Gallery - Manchester, England:. The museum has a collection of more than 6000 samples of wallpapers, ranging in date from the 17th century to the present, but the majority of items cover the period 1850-1980. Though the emphasis is on British products, the collection includes important French examples, as well as a small number from other European countries and America. Brief records of 6300 items are included in a searchable database but only a few hundred records have photographic illustrations


Cooper-Hewitt National Museum New York: The Cooper-Hewitt Museum has over 10,000 original wallpaper documents.


Musee du papier peint de Rixheim France: This museum has many of the French scenic's on display and the best  collection of early 19th century French wallpaper

Wallpapers in Historic Preservation by Catherine Lynn Frangiamore : A small book first printed in 1977 which covers historic wallpaper printing techniques, historic wallpaper styles and tips on either conserving, reproducing or acquiring wallpaper for a restoration  project. 

National Park Service:  Wallpaper within a restoration project 

Wallpapers at Winterthur:  Seeing Them in a "New Light" Cyntia Karnes, Julie Ream and Elizabeth Wendelin: A review of conservation techniques for original wallpapers that were collected and reinstalled within many of the 175 period rooms at Winterthur.


Conservation of French Scenic at Martin Van Buren Home Hamm, Patricia, and James Hamm.  Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 20 (1981): 116-125. A summary of the first survey of condition is presented with the reasons why a removal and re-installation treatment was decided upon. The treatment steps are outlined and recommendations for a more stabilized environment in the future are made.


Northeast Document Conservation Center offers generous information for wallpaper conservation i.e. surface cleaning, stain reduction and mending.


Historic Wallpaper Conservation Best article for getting grasp on the conservation of historic wallpaper. Mapes, Phillipa. A conservator specializing in the conservation of wallpaper and    other large works of art on paper, based in Wiltshire, England, discusses the advantages of removal & rehanging vs in situ cleaning and repair.


"Wallpaper and Its Conservation: An Architectural Conservator's Perspective.Gilmore, Andrea M. Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 20 (1981): 74-81. A discussion of objectives and role of the architectural conservator in the task of wallpaper conservation. The interdependent relationship of historic wallpaper and the structure in which it hangs is described. Criteria for determining appropriate conservation treatments are listed.


A New Conservation Lining for Historic Wallpapers An article by Phillippa Mapes, Mark Sandiford and Philip Meredith discussing the merits of polyester textile versus traditional stretched canvas when rehanging conserved historic wallpapers over planks, plaster or bricks.


"The Investigation, Analysis and Authentication of Historic Wallpaper." Frank Welsh.  One of America's leading specialists in the investigation and analysis of architectural finishes discusses methodology for analyzing wallpaper.


Wallpapers in the Historic Interior    This article by Allison McDermott  combines the history of wallpaper with design and ends with the a brief description of methods for the conservation of wallpaper.


Conservation of a Chinese Mural   Illustrates wallpaper conservation in England


"Wallpaper." Krasner-Khait, Barbara. This article from looks the development of wallcoverings up through 20th century.

Historic Wallpaper Blockprinting materials, methods and types from 1700 to the 1860 

The choice and use of reproduction wallpapers in the historic interior By Richard Nylander


All about Woodblock Printing Hubbard, Hesketh. This article was originally published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, 1934, and covers traditional wood block printing.


Muslin: Canvassing the World By Robert Kelly: Case study Kathrineburg In St. Thomas


1880's Colorado Minor's Cabin..Muslin/Wallpaper 1999 project by Historic Wallpapering Specialties


The Papered Wall  -   Lesley Hopkins 

Showroom Handbook for Wallpaper Installation  Written especially for designers, showroom personnel, and paperhangers in the field of high-end residential paperhanging.Published by Bob Kelly of WRN Associates


Wallpaper in America  -    Catherine Lynn


Wallpapers for Historic Building   -  Richard C. Nylander


Wallpaper in New England  -   Richard C. Nylander


Wallpapers     -   Charles Oman and Jean Hamilton



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General Works (*recommended titles)


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Other Countries

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