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In 1832, missionaries David and Sarah Lyman traveled by ship from New England to the Sandwich Islands (as they called Hawai`i then). They had been married for all of 24 days before leaving on the six-month voyage. In the late 1830's they built the Lyman House as a family home and a school for young Hawaiian men nearby, the Hilo Boarding School. Over the years, the House became a place to raise their seven children and host guests including many of the Hawaiian ali`i (royalty) and other notables such as Mark Twain. The Lyman's never returned to their native New England, choosing to live out their lives in Hilo.
The Lyman Mission House is the oldest wooden structure on the Island of Hawai`i and one of the oldest in the State. It features furniture, tools, household items and artifacts used by the Lyman's and other early missionary families.
Wallpaper Restoration
The walls of this house are rough planks. To decorate, early paperhangers first tacked muslin over the boards then applied wallpaper and borders. During the restoration several wallpapers dating to the 1860s were discovered and reproduced by Wolffe House Wallpapers. Then period wallpapers by Carter & Co. and Charles Rupert were chosen for the remaining rooms and stairs. 
At the inception it was realized that a specialist would be necessary for the installation so Jill Maruyana, the house director, contacted me early 2004. By October all the wallpapers were installed by myself Jim Yates, Eileen Carroll, Jimmy Yates and Ken Rosen. and special assistance from Jon Carlson & Jesse Gunnels
To learn more, please visit : Lyman Museum

Lyman Museum

Cameron Mansion



Home of President James Madison

Spiegel Groove

Home of President Rutherford B.Hayes


Boxwood Hall


Clara Barton Office

Chickasaw White House

Mount Pleasant Restoration

Zuber Scenic Restoration

 Historic Wallpaper Specialties


 Mission House on the Big Island, Hawaii

Historic Stretched Muslin/Wallpaper Installed

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